Nursery Activity Ideas

Welcome to Nursery Activity Ideas, a site filled with suggestions and hints on entertaining activities for babies, toddlers and kids aged up to around 5 years old. Activities cover a broad range of subjects fulfilling the criteria for the Birth to 3 Matters Framework, Desirable Outcomes Framework and also the Foundation Stage/Phase. Actions are actually created for use by Day Care Nursery Nurses or perhaps by parents and the toddlers of theirs.

Create Yummy Skittles

This’s a really easy exercise to get ready, which will give kids hours of fun in the garden or even inside.You’ll need:

Clear plastic h2o bottles


Add a tiny quantity of warm water in the bottom part of the water bottles, just enough to weigh them down so they do not blow over. Place the lids onto the bottles, as well as test they knock over easy enough before you secure or maybe glue the lids. That means it’s less difficult to alter the quantity of warm water inside might you have to. Aged kids are able to help you by filling the bottles themselves. You might also love to include a tiny quantity of meals colouring or maybe glitter etc into the clean water to help make the skittles more colourful.

Now they’re completed, line the bottles up and find out if the kids are able to knock them down by rolling the ball towards them.

Arctic Water Play

An extremely cool winter themed water play a lot more suited to older kids, that will call for some pre planning.

You’ll need:

Yogurt pots
Ice cube tray
Huge water play tray
Blue food colouring
Plastic toy animals

Begin by creating a range of icebergs at least one day before you plan to bring out this particular exercise. Making icebergs could be informative activity and an enjoyable in itself for older kids. Pour water into a range of ice cube trays and various sized yogurt pots, filling them to amounts that are different, and put them in a freezer. While performing this talk to the kids about what they believe will happen to the bath in the freezer, what icebergs are actually and where they’re found etc.

Fill a big water play tray with water and put in a couple of little drops of blue food colouring and blend so that the clean water has a blue tinge. And now put the ice cubes of yours and icebergs into the bath and eat several plastic Arctic animals, like fish, polar bears and whales.

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